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18 . 웃유 in Taipei

Today's prompt is...

I'm not well travelled but I do have the desire to travel the world.. This desire gives both fascination and fear.. both of the unknown..

Taiwan, is a familiar country, even before we step foot on.. It speaks our 2nd language and we often watch them on youtube or the telly.. It is well advertised to their tourists..

It's really hard to understand why the procrastination - it's just a few hours away and it would be really easy to explore, plus the many temptations from the variety shows we watch.. The many food we wanna try! PLUS! we booked a bridal shoot with a Taipei Bridal...

It was one of the Taiwan tourism attractions, and it was (still is) a trend to see them holding events here in Singapore selling bridal photo shoot in Taiwan. You pay a deposit or full upfront, and arrange a travel schedule with the bridal, you fly over, take photos, as you explore Taiwan. It became common to see Taipei Bridal shoot albums at weddings.

What was uncommon for us was: we bought it AFTER we got married. We only had actual-day shoots, and not pre-wedding ones.. We didn't thought we would miss it, so it was totally on impulse. I guess that explains the delay.

We went 3 years later..

They were all surprised that we were married for almost 4 years...

Judy Wedding

We went to the bridal on Day 1 - did the gown trial and met our photographer, and settled everything else for the shooting day.

Shooting day
The shooting day was one day I didn't enjoyed.. It's too tiring to be included in any itinerary!! ≧﹏≦
Something like I'm glad I did it BUT I'm NEVER doing it AGAIN. Yea, you got it.

The result (album) was already seen by many, but I think the process deserves some admiration - I can never forget the hardship! - some behind-the-scene taken by my in-laws who tagged along..

Getting dolled up at 7am - which means I woke at 5~6am
I don't even wake up that early for work!!

Ready to go!!
Our first location, which was a roadside outside some residence on a hill. The cherry blossom bloom was almost over hence spots for good shot was scarce. The ride up was bumpy and I couldn't remember how long but every minute I wished it'd be over soon 'cause I've kinetosis..
THEN, I have to climb on this limp-y stool amidst road barricades, believed to be placed by the owner, to make visitors like us stay away. They're pretty useless since they didn't stop my photographer..

... so much for a picture...

Busy.. Busy..

Changing into my second look
My MUA is da bomb! Or maybe every in TW is..
Even though she looks grumpy (she's actually quite cute), well, customer service was not top-notch but
I'm glad her skill was.

My in-laws make good photographers! Or paparazzi...

3rd look with really sophisticated hairdo
Told ya she's good.. (¬‿¬)
This is actually purple and was the favourite of the gowns chosen but not many good shots were taken.. (╯.╰)

The assistant trying to get some "perfect" splashes in our background
And yes, many are watching...

Perfect Splash

I've gained more than 10? after we got married
and haven't been carried for the longest time...
My smile here was really genuine I remembered - I giggled as his face went blue..

We were asked to bring some casual wear for some casual shots. We wore these couple tees bought just the day before, mine over outfit #4, which was a short fluffy gown.

老公最好 - Husband's the best
老婆最大 - Wife's the greatest

Last one...
Here's Grumpy doing up the 5th hairdo.. It took her only 5 minutes..
I just changed at the side of the road in a roofless pop-up tent, any above one storey would have seen my naked body.. (-_-;)

I "dropped" myself into the arms of Willie..
The limestone seabed is a hot attraction in Taipei. The natural erosion creates beautiful potholes and rocks... But the venue is really scary.. I can't even see the bottom of those rocks!

He was telling me to smile naturally...

Would you? If you were standing at this height??
Effort paid off, I guess...
This became my "favourite-est" photo. Partially because they made it so purple..

Yay, I complained a lot and had many sarcasm notes but I think everyone should do this at least once (hopefully not more than once!).
This would still be a topic in even twenty years down the road...

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