Sunday, 14 September 2014

14 . Blogging


I began in around 2002, I was young and bold. I was really open about my feelings and couldn't wait to share each and every occurrence in my life.
I began, thinking it was an open diary, which it was, wasn't it? I would have something to write about, even on the boringest day.
It was special too, I was the only one in my league that blogged regularly, and also the one who would read & follow blogs. I think I still am.

As my nature and personality evolved, I often find myself getting rid of old blogs like ridding of evidence. As I'm speaking, I'm still clearing entries for a blog that I've transformed for lighter stuff, and just done with transferring a blog about us.

I also often "refer back" to my blogs like a history book or encyclopaedia. It's really useful!

I think the best returns I get is the happiness I get from expressing and sharing.


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The Blog-tember Challenge

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