Saturday, 13 September 2014

13 . Married. Blissfully.

Today's prompt is...

Your current relationship status. If dating/married, give us a glimpse of your story! If single, share about this special season.


I'm happily married.

We first met when we were both 14.
He didn't hit on me immediately and that, made me feel that he's different.. (Boys those years were so impatient and insincere.. hit and go.. just trying their luck with every new girl they meet.)

We had a different fairy tale of our own.

We didn't last; we were from different sides of town and I guess insecurity got to him, as he was the one who first ditched me. He said he heard I was gonna dump him soon.. *childish*
I'd still laugh at him now when we speak of it, and he'd pretend not to remember.

We met a few years later for his birthday, he was still uniquely attractive to me and we got together again soon, and went separate ways sooner.. That time, I guess it was peer pressure. People around did not think I'm good enough for him, and his behaviour soon reflected them and the crack appeared shortly after.

And then, a few years later, we were both in our twenties, we met for a game of mahjong, and that led to many games of mahjong and that's seeing and being in the same space A LOT. Well, old love kindled and we got back again. That was short-lived too. By then, I'd seen many guys and truth to be told, I'm usually well taken care of, top priority. I was, to him, at the beginning (always the case). We both understood his mentality on our relationship. Once he felt that he'd "settled" me, he can now move on to other things, sadly I'm not so independent as he wished, and at the end of it, I felt I'm just in his way to his bright dream.

Through these years, we are always talking; between relationships, on the phone, or over a cuppa when I'm in the west.. He's became a soul mate I could reveal my most naked self to, and he's always honest in his opinions and advice to me which I'd appreciated the most. I'd laugh at him mostly on his other relationships, and the most statement I'd said was him being punished for not cherishing me properly. Mean, I know.

This was the 4th and the last, we made each other promised. We had both mature and had many realization dawned upon. We decided and had clear commitment to give this our best shot. I was tired of going in circles, and it just makes us look silly. But I guess, we're glad we did.

There may be many heartbreaking, tears and anger but I guess I won't change any of that as there were many reunion, love and laughter we would have missed out on, and I believe all of those - good or bad - got us here. And now, we're in our 5th year of marriage, 17 years since we first met.

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