Wednesday, 10 September 2014

10 things I ❤ about Myself

List 10 things that you love about yourself! Let's kick that negative self-talk outta here!

I'm not being humble here, but I doubt I can list 10.. I'll try though.. Forgive my thick-skinness..

I'm honest.
Actually what I love more are my friends who could take my honesty with whatever amount of salt they want.. And we all know I'm someone to look for if you want an honest opinion, no sugar-coating.

I'm (trying my best to be) positive.
Again, what I love more is the one who gave such great influence, my Hubby, Willie.

I'm loyal to my friends.
I'm not sure how to describe being loyal in these modern days, in my heart I guess..

I'm organized.
Not on the surface I suppose, my table is in a constant mess..
I keep a folder for bills. Boxes in boxes for storage. Pouches in bags to segregate contents..

I remember birthdays.
and many details, like who can't stand spicy food, who hates green, and who needs some space for a bit... Of course, I remember the nasty things I hear about me too.

I have good etiquettes.. I guess?
I often say "我有教养,没家教". Something like my upbringing has got nothing to do with my family. To think about that, I'm actually kinda proud that I taught myself what I am today, and not evolved into a person full of hate and confusion. And I definitely love myself for that.

I'm appreciative.
I guess learning to appreciate actually brings much more. And the feeling of having something to appreciate actually feels so great it's addictive!

My features.
Despite gaining a lot of weight, and having insomnia, my features didn't let me down. 
I'm still "lookable".

I'm playful and cheeky.
I think my playfulness & cheekiness made me a happier person.. and I love that I'm able to bring joy to those around me.

I'm me.

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