Monday, 15 September 2014

Urban Vibes Bellabox

I'd received BellaBox (bb) for (.. counting blue dotty boxes around the room.. ) 4 months now..

For $19.95 a month (sometimes they give 50% for first timer for their 1st box), you receive samples of beauty products the team at bb think you'd love to try, either some generic products everyone would receive or a something they try to figure from a beauty profile you'd fill up.

I'd say this would be the box I liked best. Nothing's too big a deal but everything seems interesting. I have had boxes where there are stuff I can't wait to try but there are other things I need to rid of.. Of course we should be open to trying since we're requesting for sampling but there are just things we don't want to.

Anyway, back to the interesting box of September,

John Frieda Frizz Ease
I've been seeing the advert on youtube these days demonstrating the use of the products of this brand, and because I do have some hair woes these days. Regrets are too late for bleaching your hair (twice!) ladies! Actually, I thought I was doing okay for bleached hair but I guess people are accustomed to my old silky long tress. It also didn't help that hair-fall doubled, so my hair looks really lame yet frizzy.
I hope this tame my crazy tress a little.. but it's really scented.. (─_─)

This heavily scented gel turns into oil upon application.. Does not have significant improvement for frizziness or anything at all.

DERMAdoctor KP Duty
dermatologist formulated AHA moisturizing therapy for dry skin
What drew me to the product was (nope, not purple..) KP duty, it sure sounds important per se and not some fancy name for a skincare. I looked up a little. I do not have KP but sometimes an area of my skin gets irritated for unknown reasons, sometimes I do know - the impression left by heavy carrying on the inner elbow and such - and either way it itches and bumps rises like mosquitoes kiss-bombed me. Usually, I use baby oil 'cause it eases itch.

It's not exactly baby oil but an ointment to rid of bloated-ness and because it's milder than other oils, it's usually used for babies, also known to be used for colic - rubbing tummies, not drinking! So the smell is often associated with babies, and many just call it the baby oil.

Anyway, I have more faith in products created for medical conditions so I'm really keen to apply this later..

DERMAdoctor DD cream
Hubby was just asking the other day "There's BB and then there's CC, I bet DD's coming up soon..?" and I merely brush it off like any of his cheekiness.
DD - for Dermatologists’ Dream - like BB and CC, included many skin goodness beneath the coverage it promises. I've already found what I think is the perfect BB for me but I wouldn't mind giving such a promising product a try.. Just read those reviews!

It came out looking darker than my skin tone but when applied, it really spreads well.

The coverage is really light. It evens out some tones but does not cover my dark circles and veins too well. Here, I have the other side (my left, your right) applied with Laneige Pore Control BB cushion, which obviously does a better job. But it's also thicker. I would think the DD cream would be good for a day out in the sun where you want it light and still appear "human" in pictures.

Model Co Party Proof Cream Lipstick
Another good thing for such samples are good surprises.. I'd never buy this colour but now I get to try and who knows, it'd be pink for this winter.
Apart from cream-matte finish - which I think I'd already love, it's said to be kiss proof and drink proof... Now, hubby, I'm safe to be kissed! (✿^3^)

The cream-matte finish does not dry out lips as badly as matte ones. The colour payoff is great. But I wouldn't say it's drink or kiss proof.

Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack

The pack looks really promising, and I love that this pack is not the normal peel-off and would not tuck your skin! Their youtube channel also shows a lot of tips for skin care AND make up. I'm gonna subscribe!

I think this should work better if I'd not used it the day after I exfoliate 'cause stuff are already pretty much cleared out. I still got some nasty stuff out but it doesn't look as simple as the video did.

Wish Formula Bubble Peeling Pad
Also from Wishtrend, this is a sponge-like pad for exfoliating. I don't know, now that I'm checking up these products, I think skincare is getting really revolutionary, especially Korean products, everyone around me is recommending something Korean.
Anyway, a pad can be used up to 3 times, I'd probably wash it well and use as a cleansing sponge after that - more environmental (and economically!) friendly like that.. I'm looking forward to this.. Currently, I'm using Philosophy's microdelivery peel which is good but not with all areas of my combination skin..

This worked wonderfully, partly to explain why the nose pack (above) couldn't perform better.
I have doubts on reusing, and it even said it can be used 3 times. The thing inside didn't smell pleasant in the first place, and looks a little like powdered sulphur in some liquid, probably explain the smell too, I don't know.. never smelled sulphur before.
Anyway, the liquid "stuff" does not adhere to the pad, so after washing up, I hang the pad dry and had to store the pack itself till the next use, and I wonder about the freshness..
So, I thought the best way, was to use it like I did. I used it on me, rinsed it and dipped it with the stuff again, and then on my husband (that's 2 use already), and I would say, just chuck it.

My Life Inc Teaism Brew

I like infusion (flowers) tea, not so much tea it self, 'cause I might get caffeine high. LOL
What I received was a Ginger Black Tea and a Green Tea, I would have loved to get the Blueberry Tea which is caffeine-free but I would give these a try.. I like fancy & technically looking stuff.. ( ̄ー ̄)

Kao MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask

I've seen this from other websites but I've not personally heard any reviews but I'm all in to try any method to get rid of my panda eyes for good. My husband is on the same page. In fact, our current eye cream was spotted by him. He was looking and reading into their products while I was paying for my shoes.. I was also looking for a new eye cream 'cause the then eye cream had stopped working.. This current one does work but I believe our eye circles are too deep to get rid completely, so we need more than that.. Paper eye masks are not as effective as their counterparts for the face.. They do moisturises but my kind of dark eye circles has to be treated from within or deeper under.. I like how this explains it.

This is an awesome invention! As Willie always exclaimed, Air-condition is the best invention; mine is hand-warmers (暖暖包). And this works just like the air-activated ones. It starts to warm-up once out of the pack, and just wear it like you would sleeping/eye masks. It didn't state any time limit and I fell asleep wearing it. Halfway, I felt the heat is already gone, and I just remove it, and continued my beauty sleep. So, you don't have to be afraid that it will burn your skin, or even your eyes. And I really like the after-spa sensation when I woke up. In fact, I'd already bought my own pack. $6.50 for a box of 5. I bought the rose scent and that smells much better than lavender. (the only purple I'd prefer not to have)

Anyway, there! My bb for this month.. I gotta go be beautiful now! Bye!
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