Friday, 23 January 2015

Mr. & Mrs. Eavesdropping

I'm pretty sure - kind of confident actually - that everybody eavesdropped at some point of time. Except for the deaf of course.  Even then, they may try to read lips, maybe. (trying to self-justify)
Anyway, back to eavesdropping and the title, you see, Willie and I have this weird habit of eavesdropping. But it's not deliberate at all. We only listen to those within earshot. We do not have super hearing so we usually actually only overheard those who speaks too loud. 
This, I'm even surer. We're always force-fed information by these loud speakers that we're not technically eavesdropping. (super self-defensive) I said it was our weird habit, so what's weird is - we would discuss it afterwards. 
Often, these episodes happen during dinner. Our conversation would slowly fade away as our ears pricked up. And then, there would be "this glance". "The glance" of acknowledgement of some sort.. that we're both listening; we both think it's a joke/ridiculous/wtf/insert-your-own-description. 
We didn't started out having such a nice "combi". At first, either of us would still be rattling off without realizing we had already lost the attention of the other. We may then choose to either join-in or get the other's attention back to our conversation. But gradually, we just listened. We don't always because it may not be interesting or worth our discussion. 
I believe sometimes we do get caught, and one of us would start talking pretending we've never left our conversation. I think that's quite enough because we do catch others listening on us too.. And once, I just turned over and look at them and they just start stuttering a non-existent conversation. Lol..
This habit may not be exclusive to us but I thought it's kinda healthy though rude at the same time. Discussing on what we overheard and their opinions opened up areas we may otherwise never uncover. It keeps our relationship interesting!
Not that I am suggesting you and your love to start listening to your neighbouring tables. ;)
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